Our Mission

Youth sports is one of the most important activities that children can be a part of.  The skills that players learn are invaluable as they grow up and are faced with different situations in their lives.  Somehow youth sports have become an activity for rich kids.  The price of playing has gone through the roof.  

Cinch Sports & Cinch Sportswear believe that all children should have the same opportunities to participate at various levels of youth sports.  For this reason we are donating 50% of all profit on our apparel to youth sports groups to offer scholarships to players who otherwise would not be able to afford to play.

We are always looking for sports organizations that would like to participate in this program and evaluate all organizations mission and philosophy before making our donation.  

If you are willing to make a donation you can do so by clicking on the "Donation" window on the homepage.  Every donation is greatly appreciated and 100% of all donations will go towards the Cinch Sports Scholarship Fund.  

You can also support the fund by purchasing any Cinch Sportswear apparel and spreading the word about our mission.


Cinch Sports Team